Kamchatka. Russia
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Kamchatka, a good place in Russia to visit. It is famous for its volcanoes, the valleys of hot springs, wild bears that don’t afraid men, very snow but not cold winters and low population rate, and yes it’s next to Atlantic.

Stone Idols of Komi. Russia
Megaliths, mysterious places, Komi, Travel to Russia
This is one of the most mysterious places of Russian North. Those stone idols attract tourists from all the Russia. They stand alone on the wide plateau with no any stones or mountains around. Who built them? What for? Those questions have no answers.

Tanks vs Jeeps Race in Russia
Tanks vs Jeeps Race in Russia
This one can only be called only in Russia. In Novosibirsk city they have a race between off-road cars and tanks.
Moscow Tall-houses, Russian Skyscraper
This photographer has visited one of the tallest residential house of Moscow that stands in the middle of the suburbs and has some cool views on the neighborhood.

Past Meets Present
Moscow, old train, Russian skyscraper
This is how sometimes past meets present in modern Russia.

Aurora borealis in Murmansk region
Arora borealis, Murmansk, Russia, night
 Aurora borealis in Murmansk region. Russia

Beautiful South RussiaSouth Russia, Palm trees, Russia Sochi
All people know Russia is a Northern country with snow, frost, cold winter. All keep in mind pictures of taiga, Siberia, polar bears and vodka. Well, it’s all true, we all know now that 65% of Russia is covered with permafrost, but there is one fact than less people know. Russia has a territory that is located more to South than Milano, Nice, Monte Carlo and other places of European South. And this territory occupies more square than France or Germany. Meet Sochi, the Winter Olympics 2014 host. This Russia doesn’t look like Russia at all, maybe the next place for your vacation?

Futuristic cars, Future transportation, watercraft...Downhill in Russia 2007

Airplane of President of the Russian Federation
Airplane of President of the Russian Federation

Russia Commander Islands

Russia beautiful photo trip

Siberia, Russia, Sheregesh.

Russia beautiful photo trip

Russia beautiful photo trip
Siberia, Russia, Sheregesh.

Moyka River, Russia
The Admiralty tower and spire at sunset in St Petersburg, Russia.
520 000 000 h/p Vostok-1 Gagarin VVC Rocket HDR Moscow Russia
HDR Moscow Russia Kremlin
HDR Moscow Russia before a storm
LAKE KUBENSKOE, VOLOGDA, RUSSIA. Island in the middle of nowhere
Pokrovsky cathedral. Moscow. Russia. HDR.